​絆のプロジェクトのための ミッション 

KIZUNANO MISSION are goals to achieve our projects and UBI.

We call the various goals for the success of our ultimate goal, Universal basic income (UBI), KIZUNANO MISSION. The world is full of things that we can't understand until we try them. We will challenge ourselves toward the goals we have set, and work hard. That comes from the pioneer spirit of Japanese Americans.


by The KIZUNANO Association

The KIZUNANO Association highly appreciates Koindex mechanism of the token KOIN, which does not crash. As a solid investee, a small part of the operating fund of TKA will be managed @Koindex.

The investment gains at Koindex will be used to fund the technical development of KIZUNANO COIN and the gradual stable for 1-cent stable.

The KIZUNANO Association has managed a part of our assets in CROSSexchange since 4th July 2020. We support, sympathize with their mechanism . They will definitely succeed, because they are hard workers and geniuses.

Two great American and Turkish investors, who are our friends, have funded us on a trial basis. They empathize with TKA's philosophy and look forward to our future. We are beginning to invest to XEX and KOIN.

The KIZUNANO Association has an excellent trader unit. They will continue to steadily and steadily increase and protect the important assets of our great investors by making full use of their trading skills they have cultivated over many years.

Please look forward to the our next mission.


by Public Relations Squad in TKA.

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