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1st Generation

Since 1st NOV 2020

“絆” is a kanji that means a connection between people.  We value KIZUNA (絆) and create new value.

The Japanese "NO" included in KIZUNANO COIN means "OF" in English. KIZUNA NO COIN means COIN OF KIZUNA.


Aiming to become the most famous Japanese cryptocurrency in the world.

ex. Manga: 火影忍者疾風伝:羈絆→情誼, 愛情, 友情=Friendship=絆 in Japan.


The KIZUNANO Association







The KIZUNANO Association (TKA) releases KIZUNANO COIN (KIZN) that is a crypto asset Made in Japan. We are particular about Made in Japan Products. With the motto of Japan Pride "high technology", "high performance", "high reliability" and "high quality", we will establish the Japan brand of crypto assets and actively develop business in overseas markets. Our objective is to make KIZUNANO COIN recognized as a representative of Japanese crypto assets in the world. Japan is a country with few resources. Therefore, in order for the Japanese to survive in the global society, they had to greedily take in new things from overseas, enthusiastically research them, and make efforts by utilizing the craftsmanship that has been inherited and refined since ancient times.

The Japan spirit resides in KIZUNANO COIN made with the latest programming technology that is careful, crafted and skillful, never compromising so as not to damage the trust. TKA is promoting the "KIZUNANO Project" linked with various contents that Japanese is proud of in the world by utilizing the digital bond currency KIZUNANO COIN  with Japan Pride like TOYOTA, SONY, Nintendo, Studio Ghibli, YMO and so on. The KIZ Association is an organization that plans and develops the next-generation cryptocurrency business "KIZUNANO Project", which is formed by international people who are passionate about the future and potential of crypto assets. Currently it is a non-profit organization, but it is scheduled to be incorporated in 2021. The location of the association is near Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. However, from the viewpoint of server security and some important reasons of KIZUNANO COIN, and because the members of the association have residences not only in the United States but also all over the world and are doing collaborative work by telework and their own business, we will not disclose the detailed address at all.

The NANO system is an excellent next-generation blockchain theory that overcomes the shortcomings of Bitcoin and achieves its own highly expandable evolution. It is attracting attention as a pioneer of technological innovation in digital currencies in the future. Bitcoin‘s characteristic “blockchain” and “mining” have problems with scalability. If the volume of transactions and the owners of Bitcoin increase, the approval speed at the time of mining will slow down, delay in remittance will occur, and fees will also increase. Even in Ethereum, the gas fees were the highest and had a great impact on the decline in Bitcoin price. If these things continue to happen, the practicality of Bitcoin and Ethereum is questionable. The NANO system is a system that dramatically improves these major problems.

NANO is a cryptocurrency with the “Block-Lattice” (a proper noun that embodies the NANO system) architecture where each NANO wallet account has its own blockchain. The Block-Lattice, a type of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), is a structure where every user with a NANO wallet account gets their own chain that only they can write to, and everyone holds a copy of all of the chains. This structure transforms a shared global ledger (like in Bitcoin) into a set of non-shared asynchronous ledgers (using a private network, chain updates are mainly done by senders and receivers), which speeds up transactions time and delivers unlimited scalability. Transactions keep track of NANO account balances rather than transaction amounts, allowing aggressive database pruning (eliminating extra data to reduce the volume of data) without compromising security. Unlike Bitcoin which raises doubts about its practicality due to uncertain scalability, NANO’s decentralized network is extremely excellent because it can process transactions at high speed easily without reducing the amount of data.

Painted: Michael Okada

KIZUNANO COIN (KIZN) is built with a flexible and constantly evolving initial program that can quickly penetrate into any new field and does not lag into the ever-progressing digital technological innovation in the present age when new science and technology are being created one after another. It is a crypto asset with a completely new low-latency technology made in Japan. And it is a general term for digital currency systems designed with consideration for compatibility with AI and IoT so that it can adapt to the near future when Libra and the digital yuan will flourish, sticking to Japan brand such as "high technology", "high performance", "high reliability" and "high quality" created by Japan spirits. In the near future, everything in the world will be forced to quantify, and the technology to record that huge amount of big data will be essential in every field. Our excellent chief programmer Dr. Kurosawa who created that world completed the KIZUNANO COIN test type based on the careful, crafted and skillful cutting-edge programming technology "kumiko Theory". He adopted the cutting-edge technology from overseas at any time, and has continued to develop the first generation of KIZNANO. KIZUNANO COIN has a similar name to the old KIZUNACOIN, but it is completely different and has been reborn.

The KIZUNANO Association will actively advance the "KIZUNANO Project" with KIZUNANO COIN, in which we mainly utilize every Japanese content and plan to develop overseas business specializing in Cool Japan. In addition, we will continue to update KIZUNANO COIN to the type suitable for the social situation and the times. KIZUNANO COIN has realized high-speed transaction and zero commission (= zero mining reward) by eliminating unnecessary mining. As a result, you can experience safe, comfortable and stress-free quick transactions. KIZUNANO COIN implemented our original DAGT Mark III (Directed Acyclic Graph Theory Mark III) technology, which is excellent and stable compared to conventional DAGs. In addition, the transfer fee between exchanges is low, and the concept is to strengthen the interaction between exchanges with the power of technology. KIZUNANO COIN has the strongest advantage over other cryptocurrencies. It is supported in multiple languages, and DAGT Mark III fundamentally exceeds the transaction processing capacity of the blockchain.

Painted: Michael Okada

KIZUNANO COIN is composed of a private network KUMIKOCHAIN inspired by Japanese traditional crafts, and has an iron wall defense system and a legitimate transaction verification network that can respond to any cyber attack. Security in this network is perfect with the warning machine "BLUE EYE" that constantly monitors transactions and the backup system "KIZNANO Funnel" that enables easy sending and receiving even when the Explore (server) is stopped. In short, KIZUNANO COIN does not require a server and has a backup system that allows people to send and receive money if the chain of senders and receivers is running even if Explore should fail. It has also implemented an automatic program monitoring system "CLEVER-DOG" that immediately notifies programmers when they detect and discover force majeure bugs that cause system failures.

Painted: Michael Okada

KIZUNANO WALLET: KIZUNANO COIN is a cryptocurrency that definitely enables payments without being affected by any external factors. KIZUNANO COIN broke away from the conventional inconvenient smartphone app wallet and newly adopted an intuitive and easy-to-use browser wallet in order to utilize the technology of high-performance browsers that are updated and extensible from time to time such as Chrome and Firefox. It is a new solution for everyone who is good at PCs but not good at smartphones, and good at smartphones but not good at PCs. It is a lot easier than working with MEW (My Ether Wallet). By using a browser, KIZUNANO COIN will be able to create an affinity for cooperation with all web services, and users will be able to use those web services comfortably. That is also the same for new services that we haven't seen yet. By adopting a browser wallet, users can manage and use KIZUNANO COIN on any device as long as they have an ID and PASS, improving convenience without being restricted by location or time. You can access your account on other devices even if your smartphone breaks down. In addition, it can be executed on low-power hardware due to its simple protocol design with the primary purpose of being a high-performance cryptocurrency. This is because the technician's wish to use KIZUNANO COIN comfortably for everyone is included.




Painted: Werner Fischer

KIZUNANO COIN transactions are constructed with "KUMIKO CHAIN" which is based on the NANO system. KUMIKO is a Japanese traditional craft that requires delicacy and carefulness, and it is created to pursue beauty. Simply put, it is one of the woodworking techniques for assembling wood into a geometric pattern without using nails, and the traditional technique is still being inherited in various parts of Japan. "Type Zero NODE" is part of the NANO wallet account software that runs on the computers of KUMIKO CHAIN ​​network participants according to the protocol, and "Type 100 NODE" acts as a coordinator for Type Zero NODE. It stores a pruned partial history, including the entire ledger or the last few blocks of each blockchain in the NANO wallet account. When building a new Type Zero NODE, it is recommended to verify the entire history and prune it locally.

Since KIZ-DAG (byteball) requires witness, it can be said to be a fully centralized cryptocurrency. On the other hand, KIZNANO is a completely decentralized cryptocurrency because it uses DPoS. Being completely decentralized makes it possible to continue to be a practical cryptocurrency that anyone can use.  In the future, KIZUNANO COIN will be a system that makes it easy to carry out face-to-face transactions with NFC, and be a mechanism that allows people who do not have a wallet to send and receive KIZ (a mechanism like a check using HTML, QR and URL). We plan to develop two services. The first is a service that automate distinguishing whether KIZUNANO COIN has arrived or not, and automatically sells and buys DL content (with a review function for sellers and content), and the other is a service that links KIZUNANO COIN's technology with genres that are easy to penetrate in the IT field, AI, IoT, etc.

Painted: Marcus Metsala

KIZUNANO COIN holders will be entitled to fair rewards from the DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) of Type Zero NODE. DPoS allocates voting rights to KIZN holders (= voters = users who vote for approvers) according to their holding amount, and delegates transaction approvers (= users who generate blocks) by voting. Many holders are involved in the process of approving a transaction, but only a small number of voted approvers actually make a transaction. Some projects that employ the DPoS consensus algorithm provide the holders an incentive to receive dividends if the approvers who they voted for successfully complete block generation. Voters will only vote for legitimate approvers to ensure the value of KIZUNANO COIN.

Painted: Werner Fischer

It is said that the mechanism of deciding the approver by election is more democratic. DPoS was developed as an improvement measure for PoW (Proof of Work), which is a typical approval method for Bitcoin. PoW performs a lot of calculation processing to determine the approver, so it has the disadvantage of requiring a huge amount of calculation and a large amount of power consumption. On the other hand, DPoS can reduce the number of approved transactions and power consumption by limiting the approvers who generate blocks. It is a mechanism that is friendly to the global environment. In the future, the KIZUNANO Association will provide technical advantages to KIZUNANO COIN and the related "KIZUNANO Project". And we will accelerate the development so that KIZUNANO COIN is inducted into the World's Cryptocurrency Hall of Fame as a Made-in-Japan crypto asset. It will go through a gradual stable to achieve 1 KIZN = 1 cent. And we will introduce universal basic income as our ultimate goal.

Painted: Werner Fischer

GUARANTIER: The KIZUNANO Association has established a next-generation cryptocurrency station "GUARANTIER" (NEW TYPE CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE) that can be used for various purposes on a daily basis, and is creating a fixed deposit system using stable currency (interest rate basis: revenue by the automatic arbitrage system, exchange token dividends using stable currency, staking rewards by DPoS, etc.) GUARANTIER has quite a different style from existing crypto exchanges. Of course, it has a cryptocurrency trading function, but it also has a function that is indispensable for the global society where large-scale AI and cutting-edge mechanisms are installed and the coming cross-border IT infrastructure will play an active role.

GUARANTIER will play an important role as the cornerstone of business that provides information processing technology for complex cash flows and high-speed recording process of big data to society. The KIZUNANO Association will open a flagship tourist facility exclusively for foreign visitors to Japan in Akihabara, where payments can be made with cryptocurrencies, especially KIZUNANO COIN . It will be a shopping mall like an information transmission base specializing in Japanese traditional culture, Cool Japan. Of course, we will also create a global next-generation internet shopping mall related to it. This is because shopping is the number one purpose for foreign visitors to Japan. We plan to offer dollar and yen-based quo cards and prepaid card payment services linked to credit cards. Of course, it can also be used by Japanese people. KIZUNANO COIN  will be the best exit for cryptocurrencies on the Internet. If KIZUNANO COIN  can make payments by touching in cooperation with NFC, it will surpass electronic money in terms of convenience. KIZUNANO COIN  will be a comfortable, easy and stress-free bridge between digital and real.

KIZUNANO Project will actively cooperate with AI and IoT technologies that can penetrate various fields. We plan to do a large-scale automation business that does not require manpower to realize "Basic Income". We have a lot of realistic ideas for that, but I'll refrain from informing them all here. We don't want our rivals to steal our wonderful ideas. But here's just one example to let you know what concepts we have to make them realized. It is "Agriculture”. The environment surrounding agriculture worldwide is becoming more difficult year by year. Globally, the declining and aging population of agriculture will accelerate further in the future. ROBOT TRACTOR technology of self-guided agricultural machines has already been established. It is now possible to control the accuracy of GPS position measurement within a few centimeters. Agriculture will soon require almost no manpower from tilling, sowing, cultivation, harvesting, packaging, distribution and sales. Automation by AI will become the norm. And it is already planned on large-scale plantations in Southeast Asian countries just below the equator. But to keep the system running smoothly, we have to calculate and record complex cash flows and all the numbers.


Advanced information processing technology is required. KIZUNANO COIN  solves that problem. For example, let's say you have a small investment in an automation farm with 1000 people who don't have to work because of AI. What kind of environmental figures (numerical values ​​of external factors that affect the production of agricultural products such as weather, weather conditions, social conditions) from cultivation to sales are calculated, how much does it cost and how much profit is raised? By calculating and recording their complicated and detailed cash flow 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can get a dividend of a percentage commensurate with the face value invested by 1000 people. That is also ongoing as UBI (Universal Basic Income). We are currently co-developing this automation system with a professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, a national university.

The dividend will be paid by the GUARANTIER to the investors only with KIZUNANO COIN. This will permanently increase the necessity of KIZUNANO COIN. Of course, KIZUNANO COIN can be converted to other tokens on the exchange. It is also possible to convert to the fiat currency such as dollars and yen via a prepaid card or quo card. The KIZUNANO Association is convinced that basic income can be realized by entering future businesses that are indispensable for humankind, such as AI business, IoT business, private space business, marine mineral resources and renewable energy business, with cryptocurrency technology. Especially in the space business, when satellites and devices communicate with each other, it has been common to use a satellite antenna on the ground or a third-party network. In the future, we will build a satellite network with KUMIKO CHAIN ​​to enable users to build applications in space. This also allows for significant cost savings. Finally, in business, we consider Japan to be a very important place. In order for the KIZUNANO Association, which will be incorporated in 2021, to gain strong international competitiveness, KIZNANO will first gain a good track record overseas. After that, we will apply to the Japanese government for a business license for the cryptocurrency station GUARANTIER, and our goal is to enter the Japanese cryptocurrency business and advance.

The current cryptocurrencies are mainly designed by engineers, so social production is hidden behind them. In many cases, it is unclear what the technology will be used for and where it will be used. The problem that cryptocurrencies do not permeate society is that they are used only for boasting of the technology and speculation in a narrow world away from everyday life. Today's cryptocurrencies are similar to when electricity was invented a long time ago. It is similar to a time when it wasn't clear what devices used it, how it was used, and how it would benefit society. The KIZUNANO Association will continue to promote the "KIZUNANO Project" that uses the excellent electricity called KIZUNANO COIN and utilizes all IT



                                              By TKA Producer Paul Craig


The KIZUNANO Association fell in love with the NANO system and named our system "KIZUNANO COIN" to show respect and admiration for the NANO developers. I would like to thank Paul Craig, Jack Brightman, Dr. Kurosawa and other staff for their sincere cooperation in visualizing information and collecting

Materials as the white paper was written.


                                    By TKA CEO Masaki KOBAYASHI


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The KIZUNANO Association CEO: Masaki KOBAYASHI
Producer: Paul Craig

AP: Jack Brightman



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